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Latest activity

  • new page Shen Yi/Worlds Visited
    created by Ezio174
    New page: Contents[show] Tutorial World Edit World: Van Helsing Score: (Perfect) Achievements: Killed Count Dracula and his vampire brides Slum Area...
  • edit Shen Yi/Class Skills
    edited by Ezio174 diff
  • new page Shen Yi/Social Status
    created by Ezio174
    New page: Bloody City Edit Shen Yi became Master of Bloody City after he became God Adventurer Ranks Edit Rank Chapter 1th Difficulty Adventurer 2th...
  • new page Shen Yi/Other Skills
    created by Ezio174
    New page: Simulated Skills Edit Bloody Shock Wave Light Burst Bomb 双月发动 - Simulated from Xie Rongjun Green Wind Wheel Thunderbolt Bullet - Simulated from...
  • new page Shen Yi/Class Skills
    created by Ezio174
    New page: Gunman Edit Class Skills Edit Arc Trajectory [Rank C] Special Bullet Manufacturing [Rank AA] Heavy Artillery [Rank BB] Control Gun Technique...
  • new page Shen Yi/Innate Talent
    created by Ezio174
    New page: Innate Talents Edit Precision (He unlocks it in X-Men world) Deduction (Got it from Azmodan) Simulation (Got it from Belial) Vampire Enhancement...
  • edit Shen Yi/Bloodline
    edited by Ezio174 diff
    Summary: Sacred Dragon Bloodline:
  • new page Shen Yi/Bloodline
    created by Ezio174
    New page: Sacred Dragon Bloodline Edit Fused Into Edit Azmodan (Diablo) Belial (Diablo) Davy Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean) Vampire Bloodline (Selene,...
  • new page Shen Yi/Cultivation
    created by Ezio174
    New page: Overview Cultivation Bloodline Innate Talent Class Skills Other Skills Equipment Relationships Social Status Worlds Visited ...
  • edit Shen Yi
    edited by Ezio174 diff

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